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Memories Collection



In this latest collection (2023/2024), the artist spent time exploring some of the symbolic life found in nature. Why do we feel moved by certain animals? What do these creatures mean throughout history and in different cultures? Echoing the last series, the desire for connection was a driving force in these works.


The more specific and honest we can be with ourselves and where we belong, the easier it is to see our shared experiences. 

Memories Collection

Memories Collection

A Bird's Eye View Collection

A Bird’s Eye View (2023) is a group of mixed media and oil works that explores the freedom of finding a personal artistic voice from a ‘bird’s eye view’ of life. The works in this series start to pull at the thread of how people relate to one another and their own life. The objective is to emphasize unity despite the beginning process of chaos.

The representational paintings of birds depict our common and universal observations of nature hinging on realism. In contrast, the collage work shows the layers and unique stories that each person has. Overall, the series invites the viewer to reflect on their relationship with others, nature and themselves, considering the things they value and how they respond to life’s journey.

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